Seniors' London victory!

Dragonflies Seniors love the Regent's Park venue, even if it was freezing cold this morning, it soon warmed up!

Despite Central London getting the first goal, Reigate soon got things moving their way and the first goal was scored by Georgie, soon to be followed in the first half by 3 from Emily and a second from Georgie, to take us to a lead of 5-4 at half time.

Reigate managed to maintain the lead for most of the match, with Central drawing briefly, and won 10-9, with goals in the second half from Emily, Lauren 3 and Georgie.

Everyone played to

their absolute best, tough when we only had one sub, but they gave it their all.

Recent training has paid off, with Reigate not rushing the goals and taking time to find space. Defence also showed such an improvement in communication, much better organised and tough for Central to find a way through.

Coach's player was Emily Pettifor MVP voted by Central was Lauren Newland

Everyone deserved an award in my opinion! Such great team spirit too.

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