11 Feb: close call against Hillcroft!

What a fantastic game we had today with Hillcroft! From the beginning Dragonflies' seniors knew they would have to work hard in defence against the strong Hillcroft attack but they fought hard, only letting 2 goals through in the first quarter, and getting the ball back to our attack for Lauren to score the first Reigate goal.

The second quarter saw goals from Kendra and Georgie, and at half time the score was Reigate 3 - Hillcroft 5.

Reigate dominated in the third quarter with a further 5 goals, all delivered with great determination from Kendra, Lauren, Georgie, Emily and then Georgie again. This despite Emily having a sore nose from an incident earlier in the match. We finished the third quarter in the lead with 8 goals to 7.

Hillcroft demonstrated why they are currently at the top of the league in the last quarter with 4 goals that did not leave Reigate much room to manoeuvre and get the ball back to our attack. In goal, Olivia did a sterling job, with many saves, and the whole of the defence showed how much they have improved with good use of communication and tactics.

Our attack likewise maintained a less rushed approach for most of the game, giving themselves time to settle and plan their goal attempts, also communicating better and with great support from our midfield player.

Tia Appea was voted Player of the Match but Hillcroft said they thought the whole Reigate team deserved it.

Definitely one of the best games we have had in recent years and every single Reigate player was clearly playing their best.

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